Using Meta-Templates

To perform even more complicated processing tasks, you can use DubMan's meta-template functions. This allows you to run multiple DubMan templates at once. You might want to do this if you want to run multiple bulk processing jobs at once, or if you want to process parts of a bulk job differently.

To create meta-templates, open the meta-template editor from the Meta-Template menu. You can add templates to the list by either adding an existing djt file, or by importing the current template in DubMan. Pushing Edit Template will open the selected template in DubMan. To reflect changes to the template, you must remove the old copy from the meta-template list and push Add Current Template to load the changes.

The Process Templates buttons function just like their template counterparts in DubMan. The file check will understand output files created by earlier template steps used as input in later steps. When running, the list of jobs steps for all of the templates will be shown in the progress window.

A template list can be saved as a file as a DubMan Meta-Template (.dmt) for later use. From the File menu, you have the option to Save and Open these meta-template files. All parts of the template list, including the contents of the vcf files and bulk settings are stored into these meta-template files. You can use the Launcher Wizard to schedule processing of meta-templates.

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