Scheduling Processing

You can schedule DubMan processing tasks using launchers. DubMan launchers are simply Windows batch files which will launch DubMan and run a particular template automatically. Use the Launcher Wizard from the File menu to create these Launchers easily. By default the wizard creates a launcher which runs the current template. You can choose another or select one if there isn't a template open using the Browse button. The wizard allows you to run the selected template and quit DubMan, shutdown the computer, or stay open after the processing completes. By default the launcher file will be saved to the same location and name as the template it runs, with the extension .bat, but this can be changed to any name/location.

To schedule the execution of the DubMan launcher, you can use any Windows scheduling program. Windows has a built-in task scheduler which can be accessed from the Scheduled Tasks item in the Control Panel. When choosing the program to run, browse and select the launcher file where you saved it and follow the rest of the wizard instructions for scheduling when you'd like to run the processing.

Launchers can be created manually by using DubMan's command line options. DubMan supports the following options:

DubMan.jar [template-file [/r [/q | /s]]]
template-file - the template to open
/r - instructs DubMan to run the template
/q - instructs DubMan to quit when the processing is completed.
/s - causes the system to be shut down when the processing is completed.
Specify either /q or /s, but not both.

Note: Launchers are not available through Java Web Start. You will need to install the regular version of DubMan to use launchers.

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