Resolving Problems with DubMan

Problems with job processing with DubMan can be slightly tricky to figure out. When there is a problem with a job script there usually is no feedback other than the processing running too quickly and invalid or missing output files. Here are a few tips to help debug job lists:

If VirtualDub exits too quickly without producing proper output, there's usually a problem with the script file that's being passed to the program from DubMan. To see what error message is occuring, save the job list as a .jobs file in DubMan. Start VirtualDub and open the Job Control window from the File menu. Load the .jobs file that was saved previously, and press Start. When the processing reaches the problematic step, it'll stop and display some error message. Most likely the information necessary to fix the script problem will be provided in this error.

If there are problems with running external commands, check out the Run Command Log file or enable the run command console. Details about using these features are on the Run Command help page.

If you can not figure out what's wrong with your DubMan scripts, you can post a question to the DubMan help forums, or e-mail Jeff Myers at Please include your DubMan template (.djt file) with the message to help debug the problem.

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