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DubMan is a powerful, easy to use script generator for the video processing tools VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod and NanDub. VirtualDub is one of the most popular open-source video processing tools - available for free from To aid the bulk processing of multiple video processing jobs, VirtualDub has a built in scripting language and a rudimentary job control feature. DubMan expands on VirtualDub's internal job control function by giving users much more flexibility in encoding options, file control, and job ordering in an easy to use fashion. DubMan creates script files which are used by VirtualDub's job control and can directly control VirtualDub/VirtualDubMod/NanDub to automatically run processing job scripts.

DubMan Features:

  • Run multiple-step video processing with one click
  • Bulk process any number of video files at once
  • Process with VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod and NanDub on the same list
  • Integrated support for AviSynth scripts
  • Control processing by VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod and NanDub directly from DubMan
  • Run external programs as a processing step
  • Job lists can be saved as templates for later reuse
  • Run multiple templates at once using meta-templates
  • Processing can be sceduled to run unattended
  • Ability to shutdown computer when processing completes
See the DubMan Documentation for full explaination of features.

If you find DubMan useful, please consider making a donation. All donations go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in this project's name.

You can now run DubMan with a single click without installing!

From this page you can check out the latest DubMan news, download DubMan, view the DubMan documentation online, and link to the DubMan forums. Or you could go directly to the project webpage

Translators needed to help with next version of DubMan! See the News page for details.

Please send any comments, questions, or feature requests to Or post any thoughts on DubMan in the Forums. Enjoy!

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